It was the first time I had no idea what to do.Rich respond superfast, and helped me right way. He was 100% honest and very experienced. He also told me that my Engine has 10 years warranty! Thank you so much!

Adam E (Irvine): 7/15/2015

I was taking my kids to school, garage door wouldn’t budge. I’m a single mother so I didn’t have any men to help me, but the guys from Faster Garage Doors came and helped me out! If you’re ever in a sticky situation, would definitely recommend 🙂

Sylvia R (Mission Viejo):9/1/2015

I woke up rushing to leave for work as I do every morning, but especially this day because I had an incredibly important meeting that I was leading! I walked downstairs to find that my garage door did not open!!!! I freaked out, of course, because that’s how I handle shitty situations, worried that I wouldn’t make it to work on time to prepare and set up for the meeting. I called SoCal Garage Doors and explained my situation, and they completely empathized with me and showed up as fast as they could (within the hour) and I was able to get to work on time to prepare and execute my meeting efficiently. They were SO helpful and friendly and truly eased my crazy situation as best they could! THANK YOU forever!

Brianna B (Newport Beach):7/14/2015

Not the best way to start a new week, but I did wake up this morning to a garage door that has just decided not to open. I called a couple of companies and so cal picked up the phone, asked me a few questions about the garage so they know what to expect, and they came over within 2 hours, met my wife at home, she said they were very nice and professional and gave her some tip for better maintenance.
They also programmed a couple of remotes that we had for NO extra charge. very professional and friendly, easy choice

Benny C (Newport Beach): 3/7/2016

These guys are the BEST!!!
My garage door wasn’t opening one day and I had no idea what is happening.
I called Rich from SoCal Garage Doors he answered professionally, sent a technician, he came and fixed it in an hour. The service was great and efficient!

Tanya T (Costa Mesa): 12/1/2015

Thanks Nick for coming out on the Sunday afternoon to fix the broken springs. Great service, great result, happy customer! The price is reasonable. Thanks for the two years warranty too!

Martin C (Tustin): 3/17/2014

Simply fantastic. Nick is extremely personable and he takes the time to explain everything he’s doing and why. The prices are fair. He even has a two year guarantee on his work. I will not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends. What a refreshing experience! Use these guys. You won’t go wrong.

Doc H (Tustin): 11/20/2013